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Doara, dreaming of a safe world

Where anyone is in trouble,

When anyone needs help,

The answer is in Doara.

Major Services

Preservation and re-view of accident images

Evidence data before and after an accident (crime) is stored in a separate storage system to prevent intentional stomach/modification and false diagnosis of the other party, and to provide data to customers, insurance companies, investigation agencies, etc.

Post-processing the accident site and protecting the accident victims

In the event of an emergency, such as a crime or an emergency patient, the service provider shall promptly emergency evacuation to the customer's location to recover the aid and the site.

Emergency Call and Dispatch Service according to Accident Type in case of accident

In the event of an accident, accident-related information, including images, is automatically sent without receiving a separate report, so that the third party immediately recognizes the accident and minimizes damage by taking prompt and accurate preemptive actions against the accident.


Doara Service

Starting with the power protection, the company is a custom IoT platform (Customize IoT Platform) designed to prevent accidents and crimes by installing Do-ara in automobiles and mobility while preparing for the danger of human and material damage.


​Starting with electric security, this service is a next generation convergence service that will lead the era of last-mile mobility, such as smart-torches and electric vehicles.

The Doara Service Platform is a big data-based IoT service platform for all types of vehicles, including systematic vehicle control, accident preemptive response and customer protection services, video delivery and operation pattern analysis services, by instantly detecting and defining events and sending images to 3G/LTE communication through location information system and various IoT sensors.



Consulting (Business)

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